Friday, 22 March 2013

Nearly Insane Quilt - Block 12

Block 12 - Nearly Insane Quilt Red and White
Block 12 - Nearly Insane Quilt
Introducing Block 12. I like this one.  I will confess that I have slightly altered this block, by reducing the number of pieces in the edge strips, to make the pattern the same on each side. Like Block 92, it was the symmetry issue.   If anyone is following this Nearly Insane Quilt journey for an 'exact' representation, they need to be aware that I like to make my own mark - and I am finding that the urge is growing! 

Initially, I was struggling with the fabric choice with Block 12 until I made the pattern alterations, and then decided to mix it up a bit by using the different red and white charm squares for the centre of the block - the ones which I pulled out from my fabric stash in my original fabric selection.

Red and White Charm Squares - Nearly Insane Quilt
Red and White Charm Squares - Nearly Insane Quilt
They are only 1 1/2" squares, and I wasn't sure how I was going to incorporate them when I started the project, but I think Block 12 in the Nearly Insane Quilt is perfect place for them.  They were a neat fit over the bits of paper for the English Paper Piecing, and add a scrappy look to the block.  Against the French General fabric, I think they look really cute. 
3/4 " Red Charm Squares, with French General Fabric, Moda  Nearly Insane Quilt
3/4 " Red Charm Squares, with French General Fabric, Moda
I have recently been quilting my red and white pinwheel quilt, and although I like the quilt a lot, looking at just the plain red and the plain white has been a touch boring. It has really made me realise that my heart is with scrappy quilts. In fact, as I laid out these squares, which are only 3/4" square, my mind did wander to the idea of doing a whole patchwork quilt in this layout, in a similar vein to my Single Irish Chain Charm Quilt, but with just 3/4" squares.  It would be a simple quilt, but wouldn't it be lovely, especially in the red and white colourway?

SMALLEST PIECE: Square, 3/4" (17mm) x 3/4" (17mm)
LARGEST PIECE: Rectangle 1 1/2" (37.5mm) x 1 1/4" (32.5mm)
TECHNIQUE: English Paper Piecing (EPP)
Mix - White on Red Charm Squares
White dot on Cream (purchased from The Shuttle)

White Floral on Red (purchased from The Shuttle)
French General Favourites - Pearl  for Moda #13526 14

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  1. Block 12 is really beautiful! I love the combination of red and white. Don't know as I'd have the patience to cut/sew all the 3/4" squares, though! :)

  2. Your little 16 patch was a perfect use of your scrappy squares. I am definitly with you on scrappy - if 1 purple works, so will 13 of them :)